When Costa-Jackson sings in her native tongue that her character is demure and sweet until someone stands in her way, it is 100-percent believable. The opera is worth attending simply to witness the Metropolitan Opera mezzo-soprano’s stunning coloratura, captivating acting and skillful comic timing.”
— Samara Napolitan ~ REVUE


Costa-Jackson, a 30-year-old Italian-American singer, brought a gutsy lyricism to the role, her darkly complected voice  turning sweet and savage by turn. Her theatrical intensity was compelling, and even her  table dance, complete with castanets, was convincing.”
— Mark Stryker ~ Detroit Free Press


‘I saw the second performance of “Carmen” on Saturday night. It featured Ginger Costa-Jackson, an exceptional young Sicilian American mezzo-soprano, who brought a dangerous, animalistic vibrancy to the title role….an evening of powerful, illuminating theater….There is a lusty yet somber quality to her strikingly dark mezzo, the ideal voice for Carmen. Carmen’s arias are dances, and Costa-Jackson, always in control of the moment, makes them sexually insinuating.”
— Mark Swed ~ Los Angeles Times


“The voice! No light mezzo here (as one is used to), but a deep, penetrating, perfectly produced contralto with exciting colors. She would make quite an effect in a range of Handel roles, trouser or otherwise.”
— John Yohalem ~ Opera Today


“Ginger Costa-Jackson is dynamite as Carmen. From the moment she sweeps onto the stage in a whirl of skirts, she owns the show.  Mysterious, mischievous and menacing all in equal measure….The nuance in her gestures and the shading of her delivery are wonders to behold while the dramatic mezzo soprano seductively sings the “Habanera.”
—  Jeffrey Kaczmarczyk ~ MLive


“The Carmen was Ginger Costa-Jackson, a ravishing mezzo-soprano from Italy…who easily conveyed the allure and willful recklessness of Bizet’s Gypsy temptress. Her voice has dark, rich colorings and considerable body.”
— Anthony Tomasini ~ The New York Times


“Ginger Costa-Jackson already delivers star power and a very well-sung Carmen. With careful development I could see her becoming the world’s gypsy-of-choice in short order. Her dark-toned mezzo is able to suggest a sexy huskiness in the low range all the while retaining a cleanly focused placement, witness her ringing, zinging top notes. …And Ms. C-J has been able to invest each line she sings with an inner dramatic life.”
— James Sohre ~ Opera Today


“Voicing the titular feline, Ginger Costa-Jackson sang with a hard-edged, amber tone. She was a model of consistency, her voice solid from top to bottom, her phrasing sensitive and intelligent.
— Eric C. Simpson ~ New York Classical Review


“The pearl of the score is a luminous waltz song performed by Puss as he pitches his master the Miller as a possible husband to the Princess. Doing more than justice to this irresistible tune was Ginger Costa-Jackson, her mezzo as mellow as fine Rioja wine.”
— James Jorden ~ New York Observer


“A genuine triple threat, she’s an astoundingly accomplished vocalist and an extraordinary stage actress. And if that’s not enough, she can also dance with the greatest of ease.”
— Terry Ponick ~ Communities Digital News


“The sultry Carmen is embodied with almost alarming likeness by the talented Mezzo-Soprano Ginger Costa-Jackson…Costa-Jackson commands the attention of the audience as successfully as Carmen does the men surrounding her…Costa-Jackson’s mezzo voice is deep, powerful, and altogether perfect for expressing Carmen’s opinions about lust and love in the willful piece.”
— Emily Cao ~ DC Metro Theater Arts


“Ginger Costa-Jackson, the mezzo-soprano in the title role of Virginia Opera’s current production of Bizet’s “Carmen,” has the dusky brilliance of voice and sinewy physicality that audiences crave in a Carmen…Costa-Jackson’s gypsy seductress…a personification of danger and evil, and she pulls it off with a characterization that chills as it provokes”
— Eric Dobbs ~ The Virginia Classical Music Blog


“As the carefree gypsy, Carmen, mezzo Ginger Costa-Jackson…lit up like a firecracker…Costa-Jackson created a woman whose joie de vivre could destroy any man in her path.”
— Tony Villecco ~ Broome County Arts Council


“It’s only when Ginger Costa-Jackson unleashes her sizzling mezzo-soprano on the Habanera that she emerges the Gypsy spitfire that Carmen has to be.”
— Roy Proctor ~ Richmond Times


“Besides an appropriately deep register and beautiful, smoky intonation, she has acting chops too, embodying love, rage, playfulness, and an exaggerated bravado-masking-fear, all with an intense gaze and a wolf’s grin.”
— Mark Paarlberg ~ Washington City Paper


“Mezzo-soprano Ginger Costa-Jackson, who came out of the Metropolitan Opera’s young artist program in 2012, cut a sexy figure in the title role.  She gave every ounce of volume from her voice, from molten low notes to some pointed high ones…”
— Charles T. Downey ~ The Washington Post


“Ginger Costa-Jackson was a commanding Marchesa, posturing lavishly, teetering uproariously and, not least, singing with magnificent security.”
— Steve Smith ~ The New York Times


“Ginger Costa-Jackson is giving a tour-de-force, take-no-prisoners performance…she had the audience eating out of the palm of her hand. …is a singer, stylist and actress of tremendous gifts.”
— James Sohre ~ Opera Today


“The star of the show is Ginger Costa-Jackson’s Marchesa. In one moment she is a rich heiress, in the next a fragile lover, in all a salty, fierce and hilarious character with an extraordinarily rich and vibrant mezzo.”
— Joseph E. Morgan ~ The Boston Musical Intelligencer


“You sat up and looked twice when Ginger Costa-Jackson, a mere slip of a woman who closely resembles Angelina Jolie, started to sing Miriam, Moses’ sister. She has an extraordinary, rich mezzo. …”
Susan Hall ~ Berkshire Fine Arts.


“Ginger Costa-Jackson as the Marchesa has a fine voice…that she uses with expression, wit, and charm, and she acts up a storm in a Joanna Lumley manner.”
— Robert Levine ~


“Ginger Costa-Jackson…gave voice to Puss with her silvery and dark-hued mezzo-soprano, which she wielded with feline flair.”
— Vivien Schwitzer ~ The New York Times


“Ginger Costa–Jackson brought a sultry fierceness and a husky vocal timbre to the title role.”
— Heidi Waleson ~ The Wall Street Journal


“Five years later, Jackson was singing for the famed Metropolitan Opera in New York City, where she has been employed ever since. In baseball terms, it’s the equivalent of jumping from the high school junior varsity to the Major Leagues, only more unlikely.”
—Doug Robinson: ” ~ Deseret News Article


“The director Anne Bogart gives Bizet’s “Carmen” a stark contemporary look in a production that features a ravishingly lovely and vocally gifted young mezzo-soprano, Ginger Costa-Jackson, in the title role.”
The New York Times


“Ginger Costa-Jackson forged an alluring Carmen who gained immediate credibility as the gypsy femme fatale…Costa-Jackson has what it takes to command attention.”
—David Abrams ~ CNY Café Momus


“Haven’t you always secretly felt that singers who reach for high notes (and make them) ought to levitate and maintain themselves in mid-air when they do it?…On opening night, Ginger Costa-Jackson ‘voiced’ El Gato, standing self-effacingly aside as the scrawny marionette leaped to capture notes high in the air.”
— John Yohalem ~ Opera Today


“Ginger Costa-Jackson…lavished a lush, supple instrument on us, with just enough meowing to raise an extra smile; with wide, expressive eyes, she expertly conveyed the Cat’s wily character. She hardly needed the puppet that joined her onstage.”
— William V. Madison ~ BILLEVESÉES


“Ginger Costa Jackson brought a flirtatious insouciance to her effective portrayal of Lola.”
— Vivien Schweitzer ~ The New York Times


Ginger Costa-Jackson wins the Lys Symonette Award for her performance of “Alto’s Lament” by Marcy Heisler and Zina Goldrich • Kurt Weill Foundation


Video Release

Release of  the Metropolitan Opera’s Nixon in China Blu-ray/DVD.

Thaïs, Metropolitan Opera – Ginger as Myrtale Blu-ray/DVD

La Fanciulla del West, Metropolitan Opera – Ginger as Wowkle Blu-ray/DVD

Opera Singer, Performance Artist, and mezzo-soprano at the Metropolitan New York